Sam Rayburn Info You Need to Know

Sam Rayburn Info You Need to Know

Sam Rayburn things you need to know:

March 1st Registration/Boat # Draw 5-7PM
Umphrey Pavilion
5438 RR 255 West
Sam Rayburn, TX 75951
March 2nd Take off (@safe light) & Weigh in (starts at 3PM)
Umphrey Pavilion

Off‐Limits: The cove (inside the “no wake” buoys) at Umphrey Pavilion will be used for  Takeoff and Check‐In and is off‐limits.

Launch Sites: You may launch at any boat ramp then come to the cove at Umphrey
Pavilion for Takeoff.

Must have a partner: Anglers may not fish alone in any Texas Team Trail event. If your partner can’t make it, you can designate a substitute partner (substitute partners are not allowed at the championship event). Teams must fish together three (3) of the four (4) TXTT events to qualify for the Championship. A Team Captain may assign one alternate partner during the year and will retain all points earned. Teams that do not wish to participate in the Team of‐the‐Year race or the Championship may use as many partners as desired.

Entries not accepted morning of tournament: Texas Team Trail does not accept entries the morning of the tournament – full payment must be received prior to the end of registration on Friday. In order to be eligible to practice on Friday, full payment must be received by midnight Thursday night.

Takeoff Procedure: Takeoff will begin at safelight, which is estimated to be at approximately 6:45 am. Boats 1‐5 will line up in order at the dock where the American flag is located. All other boats should stage according to boat number behind boats 1‐5. When your boat number is called, idle by the dock with your livewells open, lifejackets on (zipped or buckled) with the engine safety shutoff device attached to the driver. All boats must have running lights in and turned on.

Check‐In Procedure: The check‐in location will be the same as the takeoff location. When you arrive at check‐in, provide your boat number. The check‐in representative will state the name of both team members to confirm that he’s marking the correct team as being checked in. The late penalty is 1 pound per minute up to 15 minutes – more than 15 minutes late = 0 weight.

Weigh In Procedure: After checking in and beaching your boat, leave your fish in the livewell with the aerator running continuously in the recirculation setting; then proceed to the bag line (located behind the weigh‐in trailer/stage) to wait for the next available weigh bag. Contestants must use only official weigh bags provided by Texas Team Trail. No more than 30 weigh bags will be utilized at any time to ensure that all bags will have access to an aeration stone while in the weigh in line. This procedure will conserve the resource by reducing stress throughout the weigh‐in process. Do not load your boat on your trailer prior to weighing your fish. The scales will close 30 minutes after the check‐in time of the final flight.

Conservation: Only live bass will be weighed for Big Bass in Texas Team Trail events. If you catch a big bass and you’re concerned that it may die, contact the Tournament Director (512‐ 773‐7401). Every effort possible will be made to open the scales so you can weigh the fish early (once weighed, the fish will be counted as a permanent part of your total weight ‐ you can weigh the balance of your limit at the end of the day).

Polygraph tests are given at all Texas Team Trail Events: First place team will automatically be tested. An additional team will be randomly selected for testing from all teams finishing in the money. Protests must be submitted in writing, along with a $100 deposit, within 15 minutes of the final flight’s check‐in time.

Televised Event: All Texas Team Trail events are nationally and regionally televised on a total of five networks and will air within a month of each event.

Website & Facebook: Be sure to visit and following each event for full results and event photos.